Translating Scientific Approaches into Practical Solutions


Translating Scientific Approaches into Practical Solutions

Scientific Approaches
Practical Solutions

Your Scientific Partner for Drug and Product Development using Phenotype-Carrying Cells

Advance your pre-clinical drug and biologics development for any condition, with phenotype-carrying cells obtained from tissue explants and grown in vitro.

Advance Drug & Biologics Development

We help you study and advance your therapeutic approach to solid cancers and leukemias, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, skin aging, and other complex conditions.

Run Mutiplex Assays

We design approaches so you benefit from full compatibility with cell-based assays and research methods.

See Greater Cost Savings

Save on infrastructure, time and money by outsourcing your pre-clinical drug development.

Provide Ethical Solutions

Avoid animal testing by using in vitro human tissue cultures, which offer greater scientific value and reliability, are more cost-effective, and clearly align with cruelty-free branding.

Expand Your Opportunities With Our Capabilities

Address your specific research needs with the scientific expertise of our team, across a broad range of laboratory and analytical capabilities.

Cell Assays

    Primary Cells

      Stem Cells

        Cell Analysis

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          Dr. Chris Hansis

          Founder and CEO

            TransCell Science employs a team of highly trained staff with experience in primary human cell culture, tissue processing and drug assays. By constantly adopting new technologies, TransCell Science strives to stay at the forefront of cell culture and drug assay science. More about our Leadership ยป


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            Services and Pricing

            From laboratory procedures to project management and consulting, TransCell Science provides a full range of services to address your specific research needs. Beyond the laboratory, we work with you to deliver the fullest benefits from your research, in all its complexity. Explore our Services and Pricing Guide to learn everything TransCell Science provides as your strategic scientific partner.